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April, 2011:

Prose to Go Review

The New York Journal of Book gave Prose To Go a wonderful review, you can read it here

Prose To Go is comming

The excitement is beginning! Prose To Go will be out next month. It is the commutation of stories from 18 great, including me, Canadian freelancers. Thirty-four first person stories.

It is also an interesting study in cooperation. One day a group of writers decided to create their own anthology of stories they have shared with each other over the years; many of which have been published in national or international publications. The stories come from writers from 14 distinctive location from NWT to PEI and in less than a year Prose To Go was born.

A big thank you to the group members, Barbara Florio Graham, Irene Davis and Fred Desjardins who took up the task of editing the book and to Bridgeross Publishing for taking our book and running with it.

Canceled (for lack of enrollment) – Ideas in Print: Writing for Publication

Are you itching to say your piece, get your thoughts out there? Whether it is in magazines, newsletters, newspapers, or on the web, learn the steps you must follow to get your name in print. We will look at unearthing winning ideas, choosing compatible markets, approaching editors and writing winning queries. This course is a must for anyone thinking of delving into the print media as a vocation or those just wanting to get their ideas out to the world. Register for Ideas in Print: Writing for Publication, at Salisbury School in Sherwood Park, May 5th and 12th.

Note it is a two night, 3 hour per-night course, not three nights like it says in the calender. There is no class on April 28th.