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School Workshops

Social Studies

    Grades 4 to 9 - Titanic: The Canadian Connection – Did you know there were Canadians on board the Titanic? Famous Canadians including the president of our railway, a major with the Queen’s Own Rifles, even an heir to the Molson fortune?  

    2009 marks the 97th anniversary of one of the most captivating catastrophes in history. A tragedy which not only changed our world but also our perceptions of it; nothing will ever be unsinkable again. Titanic Teacher Resources available on request.

    Grades 6 to 8 (grade 6 curriculum)  - John Diefenbaker: The Outsider who Refused to Quit. Curriculum tie-in: The three levels of Government – which one meets your needs. (Note: I am also an elected local government politician.)

Creative Writing

    Grade 4 to 8 - The five senses play an extremely important part in writing. For a story to ‘work’ the reader must be able to see, hear, feels, taste and smell the story the writer is telling. But how do you bring your senses into your writing project?
    Using props and prompts we will practice describing our senses, then produce a short writing assignment using what we have learn.  ((Maximum 30 students)

Multi-day in class workshops

    Grades 4 to 9 - Building a newspaper. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to teach students the mechanics of writing is an in-class newspaper. In this workshop Lanny will walk you and your students through the activities needed to start and run your own small class newspaper including designing story boards, managing editorial meetings, researching stories, interviewing subjects as well as organizing and editing.  

    Single page newspaper layout can be easily done in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. You can also layout your newspaper as a web page or create a bulletin board paper. Length of workshop varies depending on the classroom needs. (Approximately two, two hour sessions for basic start up, plus follow-ups if needed.)

    Grades 7 to 9 - The five Fast Steps to Better Writing: preparing, drafting, revising, strengthening and polishing. This multi-hour workshop (two to four, two hour sessions) is based on the course Writing with Power and Precision which Lanny teaches for Edmonton Public Schools Continuing Education Department. It includes multiple hands-on exercises, gauge to the specific grade level. (Guide Books available.)
Library and Writing Workshops  

    Titanic: The Canadian Connection: On a cold day in April, 97 years ago, many of Canada’s dreams and much of its future sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Follow me on a journey that celebrates some of those lost souls.
    Writing non-fiction: This workshops delves into the mechanics and challenges of writing non-fiction. Tailored to societies and groups wishing to tackle non-fiction projects.
    Writing For Magazines & Business Writing: With Power and Precision (Please check back for upcoming workshops)