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Writing and Publishing that Non-fiction Book

Looking to write a book? Whether it’s an autobiography, a memoir, or someone else’s story, publishing a non-fiction book is a wonderful experience once you know how to weave your way through the maze of publishing options. In this two night course we will walk, step by step, though the process of blank page to bound book. Bring your ideas and dreams.

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 and Thu, Nov 4, 2010
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
2 classes, 6 hours
Course Fees: $72 + GST
Location: Salisbury Composite High School
For more information call the registers office at 780-467-7292

Not for the faint of heart


Are you getting into the Halloween mood yet!

We attended the Edmonton dress reversal of Marty Chan’s The Bone House last Wednesday, it was ghouling good fun.  If you like to be part of the show and creeped out just a bit, or maybe a big bit!, visit The Bone House.

It is playing at the PCL Studio Theater until November 7th.

Building Faces

Building Faces

Building Faces

I just received a copy, of the cover, of my new book Building Faces. Like my other book from Reed Publishing the cover art work is magnificent.

The book should be available soon, I can’t wait to see it! With Reed I typically don’t see any of the formating or art work until it is all done. So it is a big surprise, and so far a very pleasant one.

Write It…or Rethink It?

Now that summer is officially over, you may be thinking about getting down to writing again. Here is a quick video on how to decide if your book idea is a good one. It is for children’s books, but the principals are the same for adult books as well. Enjoy.    - Write It…or Rethink It?.